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Ann Wilson at Wilson & Wilson protects the interests of homeowners, commercial property owners, developers and corporations in disputes over easements in San Luis Obispo County and the surrounding California communities.  With more than 25 years of experience handling these and related real estate easement issues, Ann Wilson will skillfully and thoroughly advise on the validity of easements and the associated rights and obligations.

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Wilson & Wilson, Attorneys at Law

Attorney Ann Bell Wilson represents commercial and residential property owners and developers in easement disputes under California law regarding prescriptive easements and the agreed boundaries doctrine.

We will begin by investigating the history of the easement to determine whether the easement was validly formed, and what rights and responsibilities (if any) under California law it preserves for current and future owners of the property.

We also advise clients on how to avoid creating an easement in situations where it would be detrimental, to potentially clear up easements that may arise as part of “clearing title” on a property and/or to preserve easements that benefit the property.

Regardless of whether you seek to clear property of an easement in anticipation of completing a sale or purchase, or want to maintain an easement on another’s property so that you are better able to enjoy your own (right of way, access or line of sight issues), we will protect your rights and explain the extent of your obligations.

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